Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology (GPAST) is one of the co-organizers of the conference. It is an autonomous governmental organization established in 2076 by the Gandaki Province Government to promote science and bring about development, prosperity and improves services delivery by introducing science-based economy, social and environmental solution aspect of the development. The Academy aims to advance the development of all the sciences, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical nutraceutical, information technology, artificial intelligence, environment conservation, climate change, health sciences, life sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, sustainable agriculture, tourism and energy. The Academy is committed to assisting provincial development agenda and advancing the provincial natural and development agenda as the essential partner to the government though scientific research on the area of particular importance with the active involvement. It is committed to the financial and technical collaboration on research with the individual researchers and academic institutions through the Collaboration for Scientific Research Promotion Criteria-2078.