Research Management Unit headed by an Associate Professor as a coordinator along with 1 secretary and 4 members. In the campus, research and research related activities have been guided by “Research Management Unit/Cell Working Procedure-2018” which is formed as the need of the campus and has been functioning as per rules and regulation of Tribhuvan University.

It has been providing mini research grants for at least 11 deserving faculty members and 11 students each year. The Research Management Unit has been organizing the talk programs where the speakers in the programs are the nationally and internationally recognized Professor, Dignitaries, or Professionals since the date of its establishment. Despite these, visiting faculty has been unanimous in calling for serious efforts to raise level of faculty research. Research competence and continuous research not only keep the faculty alongside of renovations but also make them well tuned and familiarized with local problems, both of which help in maintaining the quality and relevance, and tackling/handling the real problems.

Moreover, as per IOE/TU rules and regulations Bachelors’ fourth year/second part and Masters’ second year/first part students have been involving in research through their real project works, and Master’s second year/second part students are involving in the research through their thesis work under the supervision of the faculty. These are managed by the departments accommodating the students in their own laboratory, field and workshop whereas Research Management Unit only assists them.

The RMU activities will boost the campus as a leading higher education institution, in the field of engineering, science, and technology, in the Gandaki Province and ultimately nationally and internationally. The Management Unit is formed as per the need of the campus and will function as per the rules and regulations of Tribhuvan University. Science, technology and innovation changes the world and the daily life in a fast pace. Science and technology advance the world, change the most mysteries into known facts, make the earth as global village and help the life easier and happier due to the vigorous scientific activities and keen interest in research of scientists and researchers.